Eliminate Aviation Gasoline Lead Emissions

Our goal is to “Eliminate the use of leaded
aviation fuels for piston-engine aircraft in the United States by the end of 2030 without adversely
impacting the safe and efficient operation of the existing fleet.”

What is EAGLE?

EAGLE (Eliminate Aviation Gasoline Lead Emissions) is a government-industry partnership encompassing the full range of partners in the mission of an unleaded GA future: aviation associations, the FAA, fuel producers and distributors, airport operators, local communities and environmental experts. Our work composes four strategic pillars, each led by an industry or government expert, each of which covers an important element of the mission. 

With our aim to transition to lead-free aviation fuels for piston-engine aircraft by the end of 2030, we seek to augment and expedite government and industry actions and investments. However, we are adamant about a safe and smart transition: airports and communities must maintain a supply of 100LL during the transition period for the aircraft that require it to operate legally and safely until a fleetwide unleaded fuel solution is commercially available. We keep in mind that these essential policies and activities must move forward without jeopardizing aviation safety or other general public advantages.

White House Priorities:

 A solution that meets environmental challenges; includes sustainable transportation and clean energy, protecting airport communities, and restoring our global standing. 

Our Four Pillars

Supply Chain Infrastructure and Deployment

Research, Development, and Innovation

Unleaded Fuel Evaluation and Authorization

Regulation, Policy, and Programmatic Activities

To achieve the lead-free goal, EAGLE will:

  • Facilitate the transition of at least one type of unleaded fuel that can be safely utilized for General Aviation fleet operations. 
  • Mitigate the safety and technical concerns linked to high-performance engines when utilizing unleaded fuels. 
  • Promote the growth of the production, distribution, and utilization of alternative unleaded fuels. 
  • Take appropriate actions to force local airports to maintain a supply of 100 low-lead fuel through the unleaded transition.
  • Support proposals to decrease or eradicate dependence on leaded aviation fuels. 

    EAGLE Coalition

    NBAA - National Business Aviation Association
    GAMA - General Aviation Manufacturers Association
    AAAE - American Association of Airport Executives
    NASAO - National Association of State Aviation Officials
    HAI - Helicopter Association International
    API - American Petroleum Association
    NBAA - National Business Aviation Association