At the Forefront of Unleaded Fuel Development


Introduction to the authorization processes

There are two pathways available to obtain FAA authorization for the use of a new fuel.

Supplemental Type Certificate Process

Traditional FAA aircraft type certification process.

    • Under the STC process, two companies are working with the FAA: General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) and Swift Fuels Inc.  The FAA issued the Engine and Airframe STC amendment for GAMI that permit the use of unleaded fuel for the models listed on the FAA approved model list.  Swift has publicly stated that it hopes to achieve FAA AML-STC approval for a 100-octane unleaded 100R fuel in 2023.

Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI) Process

FAA aviation fuel fleet authorization process established by Congress through a collaborative industry/government testing program.

    • LyondellBasell / VP Racing and P66 / Afton are pursing FAA authorization of a high-octane unleaded fuel through the PAFI.

The following charts provide information on the pathways and fuel specifications. For additional detail click here